Best Landscaping Trailer: Our Top 3 Picks

Whether you’ve decided to start a landscaping business or need a new trailer for personal use to haul materials, dirt, or yard waste, you will need to put a lot of thought into your purchase. To find the best landscaping trailer, you’ll want to consider the weight and length of your trailer.

Landscaping trailers are one of many types of trailers. They are most similar to utility trailers and are often a modified and upgraded version of the utility trailer to accommodate the needs of landscapers. They can also be used as a motorcycle trailer.

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Landscaping Trailers Buying Guide

While features like toolboxes and spring suspensions are nice to have, you will mainly need to consider the weight and size of the best landscaping trailer you want to buy. Your landscape equipment, and how you plan to use it, needs to dictate the size and capacity requirements of your landscaping trailer.

After you’ve decided on the best landscaping trailer type for you, here is how you determine the right trailer model to buy.

#1 Trailer Weight

Start by totaling the weight of the tools and equipment you want to transport. Ensure you include all your equipment — from leaf blowers and trimmers to fuel storage and spare parts. 

Your estimate needs to be more than just a guess. Check your equipment manuals and find the listed weight to get the numbers right. Alternatively, you could look up the model numbers online to find this information.

The mower is typically the heaviest equipment a landscaper carries. You must ensure that your ramps can support the weight of your mower before attempting to load it onto your best landscaping trailer.

When you’ve worked out the payload weight, add the empty trailer weight provided by the manufacturer. These two weights combined will give you the gross weight of what you’ll be hauling behind your vehicle. This is referred to as the Gross Total Weight or Gross Vehicle Weight.

You will need to compare the GTW with the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of the best landscaping trailer you want to buy. You can find the GVWR listed on the product pages. The GVWR should be higher than the GTW; if it isn’t, it indicates that you need a trailer that can handle a higher GTW.

Alternatively, you can compromise on the tools you carry and make your load lighter to fit it into the landscape trailer safely.

Besides checking the trailer’s rating, you will also need to check and ensure that the hitch and the towing vehicle are rated to carry the trailer’s weight.

#2 Trailer Length

Regardless of their type and use case, the best landscaping trailer comes in uniform lengths ranging between 10 to 16 feet and beyond. A trailer typically has a five-foot width but can be up to 8 feet wide. A rule of thumb is that the longer the trailer is, the wider it needs to be.

To find the right trailer length and width, take your largest piece of equipment and either measure it yourself or get the dimensions from the manufacturer. It’s important to consider whether the trailer has wheel wells since they can make the trailer bed narrow at points. The minimum bed width must exceed the maximum width of your mower or other equipment.

Most importantly, you must bear in mind that bigger isn’t always better. You could get a large landscaping trailer to avoid stressing the axles with heavy weights, but your vehicle may struggle to tow the trailer’s weight

Furthermore, buying a large trailer may not be an option if your work involves pulling in and out of tight spots.

Best Landscape Trailer: Top Options Reviewed

Here are three solid best landscaping trailer options you can consider buying.

#1 Pro-Line Trailers 10,000 GVW Tandem Axle Landscaping Utility Trailer

When it comes to finding the best landscaping trailer for you, the Pro-Line Tandem Axle Landscaping Utility Trailer has a standard width of 82″ and comes in lengths ranging between 14′ and 20′.

Key Features

  • 5200LB EZY Lube Axles
  • Powder Coated
  • 4 Wheel Brake
  • 2″ Pressure Treated Floors
  • Tongue Jack
  • Tie Downs
  • Safety Chains
  • LED Lights
  • Radial Tires

#2 Hudson Bros Pro Series HSLG 12

The HSLG 12 comes in one standard size and has optional upgrades including size, brake, and charger upgrades. It has a 12′ deck that is 79″ wide.

Key Features

  • 5,010 lbs. GVWR
  • 3,500lbs. maximum utility (payload)
  • 4′ Spring Assisted Tail Gate
  • 2″ Ball Coupler hitch
  • 3,500 lb. Dexter Axle w/Brakes
  • Electric Brakes
  • 2″ x 8″ Treated Pine Decking
  • 4″ Stake Pockets

#3 Big Tex Trailers Tandem Axle Vanguard Trailer (70TV)

The 70TV Tandem Axle Vanguard Trailer from Big Tex Trailers has a generous width and higher v-crimped steel sides to protect your cargo while hauling. This rugged trailer made our best landscaping trailer list because it’s perfect for heavy lawn and garden use, as well as heavy-duty landscaping payloads.

Key Features

  • 7000 lbs. GVWR
  • (2) 3,500# Quick Lubricating Axels w/ (1) Elec. Brake
  • 2″ Treated Pine or Douglas Fir* Floor
  • 7-Way RV electric plug
  • Bumper pull hitch

Conclusion: Which Landscaping Trailer is Right for You?

It all depends on which features you need out of your best landscaping trailer. Some landscapers cannot go without weedeater racks, while others need expandable mesh sides to keep in yard waste. 

After you’ve worked out the GVWR and size of the best landscaping trailer you need, it’s just a matter of looking at the options offered by the top manufacturers and finding the trailer you like best.

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