No Credit Check Trailer Financing: What Is It?

Getting your hands on a trailer for personal or business use can be challenging with poor credit. However, many dealers offer trailer financing for credit scores under 600; some even rent to own trailers with no credit check. This is called no credit check trailer financing. 

Whether you’re looking at enclosed trailers, goosenecks, cargo trailers, dump trailers, or any other kind of trailer, you should be able to get it if you get in touch with the right lender or rent to own provider.

No Credit Check Trailer Financing Options You Can Rely On

Here are two financing companies that stand out.

#1 Capital Solutions

Capital Solutions offers lease purchases on trucks, and you can get in touch with them to finance any commercial trailer. They require the minimum purchase amount to be $8,000. You don’t necessarily need to buy a new trailer to get this loan. You can use the funds to purchase a trailer from a private party, at an auction, or online.

But the best thing about Capital Solutions is that they do not require a minimum credit score. However, you will need to pledge personal assets as collateral.

Since the company offers lease-purchase agreements, there is no interest involved. You will need to pay fees depending on your agreement with the company. 

You can apply for a loan on their website or call their number. Your deal will get approved within three days if you have enough collateral.

#2 Hopkins Rent to Own

This rent to own trailer company has a no credit check trailer financing option that allows you to rent to own your trailer. Hopkins gives its customers the freedom to rent to own any type of trailer.

The company requires no credit check and everyone is approved. You will need to submit your employment history, and the approval process will depend on your trailer type. 


Getting a trailer becomes easy with a no credit check trailer financing option. Make sure you enquire about the associated fees and invest in trailer insurance if you expect to use your trailer daily.

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