Iron Bull Trailers: 4 Strong Trailer Types

Iron Bull trailers are manufactured by the Norstar Company, a family of companies built by four brothers. The brothers first entered the manufacturing business in 1957, and after 55 years of building a name for themselves, they got together to found Norstar. 

The Norstar Company offers several Iron Bull trailers that are worth your consideration. Features such as ramps and electric brakes are offered in the company’s most popular models. Additionally, you can also purchase trailer accessories such as a tarp kit for your tilt deckover, gooseneck deckover, or dump trailer. 

The best part about buying from Norstar is the price — the company manages to strike an impressive balance between value, service, and cost. If you’re looking for maximum value, you might be able to find a year-old model for sale with one of the company’s many distributors. But then again, this depends on the stock and is not always possible, particularly with rent to own trailers.

If you want to check whether one of the Iron Bull trailers will be suitable for the work you need to do, here’s a brief overview of all of the company’s offerings.

Iron Bull Trailers: Dump Trailers

Of all the different types of trailers Norstar has to offer, the dump trailer design is what the company has worked on the most. Most of the Iron Bull trailers in the market are dump trailers, with the manufacturer offering about a dozen options. 

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Besides the well-thought-out and proven designs, all the trailers are built with quality materials, ensuring that you get the best value out of the unit you purchase. 

ModelLengthWidthDeck HeightDepth Cu YardsAxlesTire/WheelWeight
DTB 07 (7000 lb GVWR)10′60″27″18″2.82 x 3500 lb205/75R15 5 Hole2630
DTB 10 (9,990 lb GVWR)10′60″27″18′2.82 x 5200 lb205/75R16 6 Hole2730
DTB14 (14,000 lb GVWR)12′ – 16′72′ – 83′ 32″24″5.33 – 8.22 x 5200 lb; up to 2 x 7000 lb | 3 X 7000 lb225/75R16 6 Hole / 235/80R16 8 Hole4085 – 5200
DWB14 (14,000lb)14′ – 16′83″29″24″7.2 – 8.27k electric brake axlesRadial tires5,075 – 5,250
DTG14 (14,000lb GVWR)12′ – 16′83″32″24″6.1 – 8.2Two 7k axlesRadial tires4915 – 5400
DTG21 (21,000 lb GVWR)16′83″32″24″8.30Triple 7k axles235/80R16 Radial Tires with 8 Hole Wheel5920
DDP14 (14,000 lb GVWR)14′ – 16′96″35″10″6.22Cambered Dexter Nev-R-Adjust Spring Axles235/80R16 Radial Tires4660
DDG1414′- 16′96″35″18″6.22 – 7.11Cambered Dexter Nev-R-Adjust Spring Axles235/80R16 Radial Tires5180 – 5500
DSG2216′ – 20′102″34″10″20.14 – 25.192-10,000 Lb Premium Electric Brake AxlesST 235/80 R16 LRH 16 Ply7500 – 8795
DRG2216′102″N/AN/A252-10,000 LbST 235/80 R16 LRE 10 PlyN/A

Iron Bull Trailers: Equipment Trailers

Norstar Trailers offers several Iron Bull equipment trailer options, all with many choices of accessories and amazing features to help you transport goods, materials, and equipment without hassle.

ModelLengthWidthDeck HeightFender HeightFrame + TongueAxlesTire/WheelWeight
ETB14 (14,000lb GVWR)16′ – 26′ 83″25″ – 27″9″ChannelTwo 7k axles10-Ply Black Wheel Mods2350 – 3450
EWB14(14,000 lb GVWR)18′ – 22′83″27″9″8” I-Beam Frame & Tongue (10 lbs/ft )Tandem 7k Brake Axles235/80 R16 Radial Tires2997 – 3202
EWB16 (16,000 lb GVWR)18′ – 22′83″27″9″8” I-Beam Frame & Tongue (10 lbs/ft )Tandem 8k Brake Axles235/80 R16 Radial Tires2,997 – 3,202
ETG14 (14,000 lb GVWR)18′ – 24′83″ & 102″25″9″10″ I-Beam Neck and 12″ RisersCambered Brake Axles235/80R16 Radial Tires with 8 Hole Wheel2698 – 3514 
ETG21 (21,000 lb GVWR)20′ – 24′83″ & 102″25″9″10” I-Beam Neck and 12” RisersTriple electric brake axles235/80R16 Radial Tires with 8 Hole Wheel2960 –  3514

Iron Bull Trailers: Deckover Trailers

The Norstar company also offers a handful of Iron Bull deckover trailers, which are trailers with a deck that sits above the wheels. Here’s an overview of the trailers:

ModelLengthWidthDeck HeightFrame + TongueAxlesTire/WheelWeight
FDP1416′ – 28′102″33″Frame 10″ I-Beam2 X 7000 lbTire/Wheel 235/80R16 8 Hole4615 – 5420
FDG1420′ – 32′N/A35″10″ I-Beam2 X 7,000 lb235/80R16 Radial TiresN/A
FLG2224′ – 40′102″32.5″12″ I-Beam Frame and Neck2 X 10,000 lb235/80R16 Radial Tires with 8 Hole DualsN/A
FHG22 (Gooseneck deckover)28′ – 38′N/A32.5 “12″ I-Beam Neck and Risers10k, 12k and 15k axles available235/80R16 Radial Tires with 8 Hole WheelN/A
FLP22 (2200 GVWR)20′ – 40′102″N/AFrame 12″ I-Beam2 X 10,000 lbTire/Wheel 235/80R16 8 Hole6270 – 8156
FLP50 (GVWR 48,000)25′ – 38′102″N/A14″ I-Beam2 X 22,500 lbTire/Wheel ST 215/75R17.5 LRH7,095 – 10,695

Iron Bull Trailers: Tilt Trailers

A tilt trailer makes it unbelievably easy to load and unload equipment and vehicles when transporting them. Here are the details of the Iron Bull trailers offered in this design:

ModelLengthWidthDeck HeightAxlesTire/WheelWeight
FDP1422′ – 30′102″33″
2 X 7000 lbRadial tires4615 – 5420
TLB1418′ – 20′83″20″Two 5,200 or 7k AxlesRadial tires2698 –  2960
TLG1416′ – 24′102″20″2 X 5,200 lb285/80R16 Brand Radial TiresN/A
TDP1422′ – 30′102″33″2 X 7000 lbRadial tiresN/A