Tilt Trailers: 2 Benefits and 2 Cons

Tilt trailers have an adjustable rear, allowing the trailer bed to tilt down to make loading easier. The advantage of tilt deck trailers is that they remove the need for a ramp, saving both the time and effort of setting it up every time you need to load equipment.

However, tilt trailers have more use cases than loading and transporting equipment. They can also be used to carry building materials and can move a mini excavator, motorcycles, and more. A tilt trailer can cater to different hauling needs. 

That being said, the industry offers several options, and hopeful new buyers and veteran trailer owners typically spend a lot of time comparing the best tilt trailers before making a trailer rent to own decision.

We outline the benefits of a tilt trailer to help you determine if they are the right trailers for you and compare the five best tilt trailers to help you find the right tilt bed trailer. You can also check out more types of trailers.

Benefits of Tilt Trailers

A tilt trailer can be particularly useful in the following scenarios.

#1 Loading and Transporting Vehicles

One of the most valuable benefits of a tilt deck trailer is that the adjustable rear makes it very easy to load vehicles onto the trailer. It is not easy to load a vehicle with the standard ground clearance onto other types of trailers like dump trailers. You could use ramps, but they could slip off if you don’t place them just right. 

Additionally, loading ramps sometimes do not have a low enough angle to prevent a vehicle from bottoming out. Therefore, if you need a trailer to transport vehicles, getting a tilt trailer will prevent scraping the bottom of the vehicle. Loading and transporting a power sports vehicle on a tilt trailer is also easier.

#2 Loading Heavy Cargo

Loading heavy cargo onto a trailer can be an exhausting, time-consuming process. It is often dangerous, and lifting heavy items to load onto a trailer sometimes damages the cargo and injures the person.

You can walk the cargo onto the trailer or use a hand truck on tilt trailers. Regardless of your loading approach, you can be sure that loading and unloading will be easier and safer than trying to hoist it onto the deck.

You might also be looking for a completely different type of trailer such as the Best Dump Trailer.

Cons of Tilt Equipment Trailers

All trailers have some disadvantages, and we’ve covered our key gripes with tilt equipment trailers below.

#1 Price

Tilt trailers can be invaluable to individuals and businesses alike, but they tend to be expensive. On average, a tilt trailer will cost you more than a standard flatbed trailer and drop deck trailers.

If you’re on a smaller budget, a tilt trailer may not be the right option. Even if you can afford one on a smaller budget, the trailer may not meet your needs. Take a minute to learn more about rent to own trailer programs.

#2 Maintenance

Tilt trailers require more maintenance than other kinds of trailers since these involve a tilting mechanism that you will constantly rely on. To prevent the tilting mechanism from rusting and breaking, you will need to oil it regularly. Poor maintenance may leave the trailer unable to tilt.