Best Tilt Trailer: Top 5 Options Compared

With every manufacturer offering tilt trailers in different sizes and with unique features and upgrade options, there is no shortage of solid tilt trailers for your money. In this post, we compare all the best tilt trailer options offered by the top manufacturers.

#1 Diamond C HDT

If you’re looking for the best tilt trailer with a low-profile and a proprietary engineered beam technology, the HDT by Diamond C is the brand’s flagship model. Diamond C’s best tilt trailer is equipped with a hydraulic dampening tilt system, allowing you to move the tail down easily. It’s as simple as unlocking the bed, stepping on the back, and watching the tail move down.

The speed control valve enables you to adjust the speed of the tilt, ensuring that there are no unexpected damages or injuries. You can also opt for an electric tilt which comes with a wireless remote for straightforward operation.

The HDT model can be equipped with decks of various sizes, so you can expect a variety of options when purchasing a trailer from Diamond C.

Standard Features

  • 2 – 7,000 lb Torsion Brake Axles
  • Electric Drum Brakes
  • 2-5/16” – 21,000 lb Demco EZ-Latch Adjustable Coupler
  • 3″ I-Beam Cross-Members on 16″ Centers
  • 14 ga Teardrop, Diamond Plate, Bolt-On Fenders
  • 8″ x 10 lb I-Beam Tongue/Frame Design (16’-22′)
  • 8″ x 15 lb I-Beam Tongue/Frame Design (24’-28′)
  • Engineered Beam Frame provided to all GVWR upgrades over 20′
  • 12,000 lb Drop-Leg Jack/Hydraulic Jack
  • Hydraulic Dampening Cylinder with Valve Control
  • ST235/80R16 Radial Tires
  • Tongue Integrated with Frame

Popular Upgrades

  • 24,000 lb / 20,000 lb / 18,000 lb GVWR Package
  • 3/16″ Diamond Plate Fenders, Super Heavy Duty
  • 3/16″ Diamond Plate Floor
  • 8″ x15 lb I-Beam Tongue/Frame Upgrade (16’-22′)
  • Gooseneck Package
  • 2nd 12,000 lb Drop-Leg Jack
  • 12K Warrior Winch Box Package
  • Electric/Hydraulic Powered Tilt

#2 6″ PJ Trailers Channel Equipment Tilt (T6)

When looking for the best tilt trailer, the T6 is a strong competitor. It uses a hydraulic cylinder to tilt the deck, making loading and unloading effortless. It also boasts an 82″ inside fender width for wider equipment like a skid steer. The reasonable price and quality build make it the right tilt trailer for transporting equipment such as scissor lifts and forklifts.


  • 14,000 lb. GVWR
  • 7,000 lb. x 2 GAWR
  • Adjustable 2 5/16″ Ball Bulldog Coupler
  • Safety Chains
  • 1 – Drop Leg Jacks (10,000 lb.)
  • 2 – Dexter E- Z lube Brake Axles (7,000 lb.)
  • Torsion Suspension
  • 4 – 16″ White Spoke Wheels
  • 4 – 235/80R16 Radial Tires (3,520 lb)
  • Stake Pockets & Rubrail
  • Electric Breakaway Kit w/ Charger
  • 9″ x 72″ Treadplate Removable Steel Fenders
  • Tool Tray In Tongue
  • 11 Degree Tilt Pitch
  • 3″ x 16″ Cylinder
  • 6″ Channel Frame & Tongue
  • 3″ Channel Crossmembers 16″ on Center
  • 2″ Treated Pine Lumber Deck
  • 74″ Wide Tiltable Deck
  • 82″ Between Fenders
  • DOT Approved Flushmount Lifetime LED Lights
  • All-Weather Wiring Harness (7-way RV)
  • Sand Blasted, Acid Washed, Powder Coated
  • GN Option Equipped with 2 Jacks
  • GN Equipped w/Lockable Front Toolbox
  • 10 year Dexter Torflex Axle Warranty

#3 Maxx-D G8X 8″ Gravity Equipment Tilt Trailer

The G8X model is one of the best tilt trailers. This model features a split deck and is essentially the gravity-tilt version of the T8X model. 

The equipment trailer comes with a hydraulically dampened tilting deck, and the company offers a range of front deck sizes to pick from. If you choose to get a larger front deck (sized 8′, 10′, or 12′), you could load cargo at the front and comfortably fit skid streets, tractors, and other vehicles.

The company offers the G8X model in lengths ranging between 22′ and 30′. Every G8X trailer has torsion electric brake axles capable of handling a GVRW of 14,000 pounds. 

Besides providing a smoother ride than spring axles, torsion axles also come with a longer warranty. The easy-to-use tilt bed and the lower axles make the trailer safe to load.

The G8X also features a knife-edge rear deck, enabling the back of the trailer to come all the way to the ground when tilted. The diamond plate fenders enhance the trailer’s durability. The bullnose D-rings, rub rail system, and stake pocket provides various options to tie down your vehicle.

All of the MAXX-D trailers come with a powder coating finish, completed in six steps to offer unmatched durability.

You can configure your best tilt trailer to offer the features you need — all you need to do is request an extra set of D-rings, other coupler configurations, or a different jack, and your dealer will give you the product you need.

The standard G8X tilt deck equipment trailer has an 83″ deck width or a 102″ overall width. The trailer is available in gooseneck and bumper pull configurations. 

You can find a comprehensive specifications sheet on the product’s official page.

#4 Kaufman Trailers 15000 GVWR Deluxe Diamond Floor Tilt Equipment Trailer – 22 ft.

If you’re looking for Kaufman Trailer’s best tilt trailer offering, the 15000 GVWR Deluxe Diamond Floor Tilt Equipment Trailer is the one. It comes equipped with all of the manufacturer’s best features. The frame has a 6″ channel and a 6″ tongue that wraps around the channel. 

The gear that runs the trailer includes 8 lug axles featuring 16″ premium radial tires and a slipper spring suspension capable of handling thousands of pounds of cargo.

Heavy-duty features such as the cast iron coupler, a lockable toolbox, stake pockets, and rub rail come included with the trailer. The wiring harness is made in the US and is sealed and modular. Coupled with the lifetime LED lighting provided, Kaufman Trailers ensures that every trailer owner enjoys trouble-free lighting.

While the company offers a cheaper wood floor option with all the same features, the diamond plate floor construction is significantly stronger than wood.

Standard Features

  • 15,000 lb GVWR
  • Sealed modular wiring harness with LED lights
  • 6″ Channel frame with 3″ channel cross members 16 in. on center
  • 6 in. channel tongue
  • 235/80 R16 LRE (3,520 lb.) tires
  • Diamond plate floors
  • 2-5/16 in. Adjustable ball coupler
  • Heavy-duty safety chains
  • 29 in. Wide x 16 in. long beveled extensions (ramps)
  • Stake pockets and Rubrail
  • Deck Length: 22 ft. (8 ft. + 14 ft. 6 in. tilt deck with hydraulic cylinder)
  • Deck Height: 26 in.
  • Deck Width: 82 in. between fenders
  • Diamond plate fenders
  • All-wheel electric brakes
  • Silver or white mod wheels 
  • 12,000 lb. Drop foot jack
  • 2-7,000 lb. e-z lube axles
  • Slipper springs suspension
  • Chain box with lockable lid standard
  • Primed finish with two coats of automotive grade enamel, pin striped

#5 Big Tex Trailers 14TL Heavy Duty Tilt Bed Equipment Trailer

If you’re looking for the best tilt trailer with a stationary platform tilt deck, the 14TL model features a four-foot stationary deck at the front. Of course, like other manufacturers, Big Tex Trailers allows you to change the length of the model. You will get a six-foot stationary deck in the 22-foot model.

Design-wise, the 14TL is similar to the 14FT, allowing you to easily haul medium-duty equipment.

Standard Features

  • (2) 7,000# Axles, 4″ Drop Quick Lubricating 
  • Drop Leg Jack-Side Wind
  • ST235/80 R-16 Load Range E Tires
  • Electric Brakes
  • 2″ Treated Pine and Douglas Fir* floor options
  • 6″ Channel frame
  • 16″ x 6″; Heavy Black Mod 8 Bolt wheels
  • Highly Decorative and Protective Finish.
  • LED. DOT Stop, Tail, Turn & Clearance lights provided
  • 6″ Channel Fold Back/Wrap Tongue
  • Adjustable 2-5/16″ Coupler 
  • 9″ x 72″ Double Square Brake Diamond Plate Fenders (Removable)
  • 14,000 GVWR
  • 7-Way RV Electric Plug
  • Bumper Pull hitch
  • Multi-Leaf Slipper Spring Suspension w/Equalizer
  • 3″ Channel Crossmembers on 16″ Centers
  • 3/8″ Grd. 70 w/Safety Latch Hook
  • 3/16″ Fabricated Front Stop Rail
  • 7,000 GAWR


One of the nice things about finding the best tilt trailer for your job is that it’s easy to locate a rent to own trailer dealer near you. You will find a button or link to the nearest dealer on the product pages of nearly every manufacturer above.

Good luck finding the best tilt trailer for your needs!

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