Rent to Own Trailers: How They Work

Rent to own trailers allow individuals and small business owners to get the trailer they need, quickly. While traditional financing has been available for many years, it is often not an option available to new business owners or individuals with no credit or bad credit.

Additionally, because rent to own trailer programs do not perform background checks, they allow individuals making the purchase to keep their personal history private.

What is a Rent to Own Trailer Program?

Rent to own trailer programs create an agreement under which many different types of trailers, such as cargo, dump, gooseneck, or car hauler, are leased in exchange for a monthly payment. At Trailer RTO our program offers the option to purchase the trailer at any time or return it.

Similar to the equity in your home, you can also build equity in rent to own trailers. Equity is the difference between what’s still owed on the asset and what you could get if you sold it.

In the case of a rent to own trailer, each month you make a payment, you are building equity in that trailer. As a result, if you ever choose to purchase the rent to own trailer outright, a portion of your previous payments count toward the balance due.  

How Does Renting a Trailer Differ from Financing One?

A trailer rent to own program is different from a regular lease. In a rent to own agreement, the renter can purchase their trailer at any point during the term. The renter may also terminate the agreement by simply returning the trailer to the dealer.

Rent to own trailers offer the best of both worlds. As a renter, you get no credit check financing with the flexibility of low monthly payments for as long as you need the trailer.

If at any time you obtain financing elsewhere or want to buy the trailer outright, a portion of the rental payments you’ve made goes toward the purchase price. Or, if you choose not to purchase or simply no longer need the trailer, just turn it in. 

Sample Rent to Own Trailer Payment Calculation

  • Trailer sales price: $10,000
  • Term: 48 months
  • Non-refundable deposit: $400
  • First month’s payment: $416.67
  • Total first RTO payment: $816.67

Is it Easy to Rent to Own a Trailer?

Trailer RTO makes it easy. Just submit a copy of your driver’s license, complete the electronic identity verification process, and choose your trailer. Once we have this information, we can calculate your down payment and deposit, and take your first payment electronically.

We then complete the transaction with the dealer and you drive away with your new trailer. After that, you simply make your monthly payments toward owning your trailer.

Can I Rent More Than One Trailer at a Time?

Once you have been in good standing for 90 days with your first trailer, you are eligible to rent another.

Do I Need a CDL?

There are different classes of commercial driver’s licenses or CDLs. For most truck and trailer rigs, you will not be required to possess a CDL.

Benefits of Renting to Own a Trailer

There are many benefits to rent to own trailers. Some of those include:

Low Monthly Payments

Similar to financing a trailer, you’ll be able to make low monthly payments. However, in order to get started, you won’t have to fill out difficult forms, have your credit checked, and wait for a bank or credit union to approve you for the purchase.  

Payments Count Toward Ownership

Rent to own trailers not only enable you to turn the trailer in anytime, but a portion of your payments count toward the purchase price of the trailer. Therefore, if at any point you choose to purchase your trailer, you can do so by checking your contract and paying the purchase price as of that date.


With rent to own trailers, if you keep your trailer for the full term, you have the option of keeping the trailer and owning it outright or turning it in for another model.

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